If you have a swimming pool with cracks and/or leaks due to ground movement or the Christchurch, Kaikoura & Waiau earthquakes, we can offer competitive fibreglass repair or refurbishment on all types of concrete, tiled, fiberglass or vinyl over concrete swimming pools, water features or ponds with our ‘BERMUDA pool linings’.

With fiberglass re-linings you can look forward to the benefits of a hard wearing lining that is easy to maintain and durable. There’s no longer a need to repaint your pool; thus saving you time and money.

Because of the strength and durability with a fibreglass lining you will get a lifetime of enjoyment from your swimming pool. The technology in the fibreglass composites industry has come a long way since the first swimming pools were relined with fibreglass and over the past decades specialized resins have been formulated for permanent underwater use in swimming pools.


Pool Renovation - before


Pool Renovation - after

We can apply our fibreglass “BERMUDA pool linings’ to both commercial and residential projects in Canterbury, Otago, Marlborough and the West Coast.

Customise your older concrete pool to the latest modern designs, while ensuring long term performance of your pool eliminating the need for re-surfacing or painting. Our assessment team can meet with you onsite to discuss your design requirements to provide you with a competitive solution.

Fibreglass re-lined pools are manufactured onsite by The Composite Group to exacting quality standards using the highest quality gelcoats and NCS Polyester resins available to give you a great looking pool with minimal maintenance.

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