Bermuda Lap Pool Pool

The BERMUDA slim line lap pool is ideal for a narrow site, smaller section, or courtyard. Double entry steps at both ends of the pool allow for versatility. The BERMUDA Lap Pool can be fitted with powerful swim jets and insulation comes as standard to retain your pool’s warm water temperature.

Bermuda Lap Pool

Pool Specification

NEW ZEALAND MADE  Your insulated BERMUDA swimming pool is proudly made in our Christchurch factory. Call us now on (03) 384 9482.

All pools come complete with..

Insulated pool with 30mm thick poly-eurathane foam
= heating water time is reduced & warmth is retained longer

Sand Filter Unit and Pump

Surface Skimmer

Circulation eyeball jets

Hydrostatic Valve

Multi-coloured LED light

Vacuum Cleaner Equipment



Chemical Start-up Kit, Chlorine or Baquacil

Pools are also available in Kit-set form enabling you to install your new BERMUDA pool

Bermuda Pool Construction Diagram