Bermuda Lap Pool

The slim line Lap pool is ideal for a narrow site, smaller section, courtyard or apartment complex. There's no need to forgo your swimming just because space may be tight. Double entry steps at both ends of the pool allow for versatility. The Bermuda Lap Pool can be fitted with powerful swim jets and insulated to retain the pool water temperature if desired. Click here for more information.

Fibreglass line your concrete swimming pool

Our on-site teams can bring your concrete swimming pool back to brand new with spraying-on a seamless fibreglass liner - with a wide range of colours to choose from. There's no more need to paint your concrete pool! Take the opportunity to repair any concrete cracks. If you are wanting your pool to be repaired we can assist with an initial assessment and then carrying out the actual repair work anywhere in Canterbury, Otago, Marlborough & the West Coast.